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Service management

Up to date insight into maintenance

High requirements for maintenance work

Maintenance work sets high requirements on the support for the structured dealing with maintenance, small jobs or delivery points. Often there is no budget with these projects and only a limited form of project monitoring. An advanced support is necessary for optimum and efficient control of projects and to guarantee quick invoicing.

Real time insight into result of maintenance work

Planning and dealing with complaints, maintenance work, renovation and small projects couldn't be much easier using our solution. Contractual maintenance work such as green maintenance can be easily recorded. Likewise, incidental activities such as sand transport or special transport can be scheduled quickly. Our solution always provides you with real time insight into costs, utilisation factor and all information on maintenance, damage and repairs. 


Support for complex maintenance work

Our solutions facilitate:

Support for planning, management and invoicing

All work processes falling under maintenance work are supported. From planning, purchasing, recording of staff and materials to project monitoring, invoicing and management of long term contracts. 

Indexation contracts

Prices of maintenance contracts can be easily indexed periodically. The amounts can be adapted automatically. 

Inter-company settlements

The project specific and maintenance activities are often divided between various companies within the holding. Hiring of staff and equipment regularly occurs from other companies. Inter-company settlements are quick and easy to realise using our solution.

Collaboration with partners

The openness of our solution offers numerous possibilities to ensure collaboration with customers, clients and other partners runs smoothly.

Support for a range of contract types

There is support for a range of contract types: for instance, frequency contracts for mowing and maintenance operations and example contracts in which agreements are recorded on the example quality. This requires flexible monitoring of maintenance activities.


Most important features & benefits

Real time insight into costs and revenues

One time input realises efficiency improvement

Optimum resource planning thanks to inter-company settlement

Indexation contracts: periodic indexing of prices

Facilitates easy exchange of information with customers and clients

Structured handling of maintenance


Service management as part of ERP system Metacom.
All project details in one project management system
The administrative help in the cloud

Would you like to have insight into and control over complex maintenance work?

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