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Project Management

Control over the entire construction process

The construction sector is undergoing rapid changes

Projects are more complex and increasingly more multidisciplinary in nature. New contract forms are making the rounds, the requirements of clients are increasing and the information flows are becoming more extensive. While at the same time, the risks are on the up and the importance of customer-oriented construction cannot be underestimated. Thus, managing your projects optimally is more important than ever before.

Projects that are more complex require a different approach

And for this reason a new support. Functions for project management have been completely overhauled. From concept, design to execution and demolition. From new contract forms to the use of 3D-CAD models and Systems Engineering. Using the new generation of project management, simultaneous development, collaboration and execution of construction projects could not be easier.


Support to tackle the challenges

Our project management solutions facilitate:

Integrated contract forms

Integrated contract forms such as Design & Construct or DMBF are completely supported with our project management solution. 

Increased complexity and dynamics

A powerful change management is needed in order to have control over complex and dynamic construction projects. And our project management solution has such a tool. 

Collaboration and integration of disciplines in the construction process

Our solution gives you one integrated system to manage the entire construction process: from engineering, 3D-model up to estimation, planning and cost control. 

Risk management

Risks can be defined and managed during the entire project right from the customer specifications. 

Control of costs and revenues

Our completely new cost control module allows you to maintain all costs and revenues through extensive overviews and dashboards. 


The most important features & benefits

A system for engineering, estimation, work preparation and execution

Change management results in fewer errors

Always well-ordered, up to date and correct project details

Can be used for all types of projects and contracts

User-friendly for everybody


Project management as part of construction ERP system Metacom.
Anytime and anywhere to up-to-date project information.
The administrative help at the construction site in the cloud.

Would you like control over your project management?

Then do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +31 (527) 61 47 67 or leave a message contact

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