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Site Assist

The app for construction administration. Efficient, well ordered and mobile.


Peter van Meijel
Team Lead Site Assist

Connecting parties at the construction site is central to Site Assist: the construction supervisor, the office, the subcontractor, the supplier, the employees and the customer. The cloud platform means all parties can really work together.

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Site Assist: the administrative assistance at the construction site

All functions at your fingertips


This module allows you to register man-hours, equipment uses and the consumption of materials. Employees register their hours, yielding time gains for important matters. Hours are approved and processed in the office.

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Communicate on purchasing with the staff at the office, the construction supervisor and the suppliers. You have direct insight into the current state of affairs. Wrong deliveries and incorrect invoicing are consigned to the past.

More on purchasing


Your contracts, latest completion state and performance statements on hand at the construction site or at the office. You can create performance statements and communicate with subcontractors. This speeds up your invoicing process.

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Day reports

Register and communicate weather conditions, accidents, damage or other important events at the construction site using Site Assist. Adapt your own standard reports so that the construction supervisor can quickly and easily register and distribute them.

More on day reports

Additional work

Activities that do not fall under the scope of the contract? Site Assist allows you to easily register additional work and in turn avoid long term programmes. Its easy recording and clear communication and process flows means you will always have a well-ordered overview of additional work.

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Quality is a handy tool for dealing with delivery points and customer complaints. Its built-in process means you know exactly what the status is and who is responsible for the point. Furthermore, you always have insight into the history and communication relating to a delivery point or complaint.

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Site Assist and Metacom combine to deliver success.

Integrated solution

Where Metacom is a powerful Construction ERP suite, Site Assist excels in the field as a mobile solution. By integrating Site Assist and Metacom, you have a powerful solution at your fingertips. Exchanging data ensures you always have an up to date picture of the progress at the construction site. This allows you to manage quickly and work effectively.

Advantages by role

Site Assist benefits everybody.

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Why should I use Site Assist?

work anywhere and anytime on a mobile device: tablet, smartphone or desktop.

streamline the communication between employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

Have a clear overview of hours, purchasing and performances at the construction site.

Monthly subscription

Site Assist is a cloud solution, which means no more large investments have to be made in hardware, installation or time-consuming updates. All you have to do is pay a subscription per user each month for the use of the service.

Experience mobile working with Site Assist Request a trial or demo.

Site Assist just makes construction easier.

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