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Control over the purchasing process

What is purchasing?
Purchasing enables you to deliver services and goods on time and to maintain the progress of a construction project. The purchasing process consists of several stages. From specifying to negotiation and actual ordering. 

Purchasing software from VanMeijel.

Our software helps you to better manage suppliers and subcontractors based on reliable information. This enables you to secure higher quality and better price agreements.


Benefits to make purchasing easier.


Ease of use

The software is easy to use and geared towards users, both for price requests and contracts as well as for monitoring the purchasing process.


All information is available

When compiling quotes or contracts, all information that is present in the estimation or item files can be used.


Monitoring the purchasing budget

Use project monitoring to identify on time when expenditures are not in line with the purchasing budget and adjust immediately.

Purchasing in daily practice

“Hands free for project monitoring thanks to increased efficiency.”

Would you like to find out how our solution helps Dura Vermeer realise timesavings in their purchasing invoice process each day?
Purchasing features

Functionality that facilitates better purchasing.

Price and quote comparison

Request and compare prices easily via the price and quote comparison.

Contract management

Purchasing contracts can be easily drawn up or delivered on demand via drag & drop.

Trend analyses

The graphic trend analysis is an integral part of the purchasing function.


Structure reports, forms and templates according to your own needs.

Roles and views

Screens can be easily aligned on users and role level.

Linking 2BA

Automated capture of items, products and prices.

Making construction easier. Build with purchasing.

Would you also like to build with an optimum purchasing process?

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